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The Extra-Parliamentary Radical Milieu of Cyprus: Available Sources

The following list presents the available academic and non-academic sources surrounding the presence, history, and activity of the extra-parliamentary radical milieu of Cyprus. It includes relevant academic papers, theses, magazine articles, recordings, documentaries and archives.

Academic Sources

    On 20th Century

  1. Antonis Pastellopoulos (2017) ‘Cyprus Belongs to Its Mouflons’: Cypriot Anarchist Ideology in the Post Partitioned Republic of Cyprus (1985 to 1994). Dissertation (Undergraduate), Glasgow: University of Glasgow.
  2. Antonis Pastellopoulos (2022) ‘Federation or Death’: The Beginnings and Early Ideology of Cypriot Anarchism. Anarchist Studies, 30 (1), pp. 58-82.
    On 21st Century
  1. Pafsanias Karathanasis (2017) Από τα Κάτω Δραστηριοποίηση και Έξοδος από την Οριακότητα: Δημόσιες Εκδηλώσεις και Δράσεις στην Εντός των Τειχών Λευκωσία [Organizing from Below and Escaping Marginality: Public Events and Actions in the Walled City of Nicosia]. Thesis (PhD), Mytilene: University of the Aegean.
  2. Georgina Christou (2018) Children out of Place with Childhood: Pupils’ Assemblies, Direct Action, Serious Play and Public Space in Youth’s Autonomous Horizontal Politics in Cyprus. Thesis (PhD), Falmer: University of Sussex.
  3. Antonis Pastellopoulos (2018) Demarcating the ‘Cypriot Core’: Ideology and Pluralistic Cyprocentric Identification in the post-partitioned Republic of Cyprus. Thesis (Master’s), Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam.
  4. Gregoris Ioannou (2019) Social Activism and the City: Cultural Sociology and Radical Politics in 21st Century Cyprus. The Cyprus Review 31 (1), pp. 209-238.

    On Occupy Buffer Zone (2011-12)

  1. Marco Antonsich (2012) ‘OccupyBufferZone’: Practices of Borderline Resistance in a Space of Exception. Area, 45 (2), pp. 170-178.
  2. Petros Siammas (2013) Sensory Stories: A Building in Question. The Cyprus Dossier, Issue 5, pp. 51-55.
  3. Murat Erdal Ilican (2013) The Occupy Buffer Zone Movement: Radicalism and Sovereignty in Cyprus. The Cyprus Review, 25 (1), pp. 55-79.
  4. Eirini Iliopoulou & Pafsanias Karathanasis (2014) Towards a Radical Politics: Grassroots Urban Activism in the Walled City of Nicosia. The Cyprus Review 26 (1), pp. 169-192.

Non-Academic Sources

  1. Andreas Panayiotou (1994) Γενιές Ανεξαρτησίας - Ο Μετά-Αποικιακός Άνθρωπος [The Independence Generations - the Postcolonial Human]. Τραίνο στην Πόλη [Train in the City], Issue 11, pp. 38-45.
  2. nekatomata (2007) Που το Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Καρτάς στο Στέκι Αρσινόης 5: μια Ιστορία ενός Χώρου 2003-2007 [From the Kardas Cultural Centre to Arsinois 5: A History of a Milieu 2003-2007]. Nekatomata blog.
  3. nekatomata (2018) 2007-2018: Η Συνέχεια μιας Αφήγησης, η Κίνηση τζιαι οι Χώροι [2007-2018: The Continuation of a Narrative, the Movement and the Milieus]. Nekatomata blog.
  4. Costis Ahniotis & Andreas Panayiotou (2017) Ριζοσπαστικές Αφηγήσεις για το Κυπριακό που το 1970 τζιαι Μετά [Radical Narratives about the Cyprus Problem from 1970 and After]. Audio recording of a presentation and discussion organised by the anti-authoritarian group Syspirosi Atakton.
  5. TONGUE (2019) Documentary by Panagiotis Achniotis & Andreas Anastasiadis, tracing the life of pro-reunification leftist activist Costis Achniotis.
  6. Ntinos Agiomamitis (2021) Η Ιστορία και η Παράδοση της Εργατικής Δημοκρατίας  [The History and Tradition of Workers' Democracy]. Online presentation and discussion organised by the leftist group Ergatiki Dimokratia [Workers' Democracy].
  7. Cyprus Movements Archive (2016-Ongoing). Online open-access archive with primary sources originating from the extra-parliamentary Cypriot milieu.


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