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Andreas Nicolaides Interview (The Government Photographer)

 Interview of Andreas Nicolaides, known as 'The Government Photographer' in Cyprus. It can be found by pressing here.  
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Some Key Websites for Accessing Reliable Information on the Israel-Gaza War (2023)

Associated Press: Having been awarded 58 Pulitzer Prizes, Associated Press remains one the leading news outlets in the English-speaking world, providing a steady and reliable flow of information. It occasionally also publishes a list of fake news surrounding a given ongoing topic, debunking each piece of misinformation by tracing its origin and clarifying the facts. Reuters: A media company whose reliability in reporting rivals that of Associated Press. Maintains stubbornly a neutral language in its reporting, avoids consciously sensationalism and biased language and aims contain in its reporting primarily facts. Reuters is behind a paywall, but its articles are reposted and are freely available on in-cyprus. Al Jazeera: Reliable network which tends to follow up on the stories it covers. As Al Jazeera is often portrayed as the definite source for information within left-leaning circles, It should be noted that as Al Jazeera is being funded primarily by the government of Qatar, it

Rojava: Reality and Rhetoric - Gilles Dauvé & T.L. (2015)

A detailed critical analysis of the "Rojava revolution". This is a much enlarged version of 'Kurdistan?' written by G.D. and T.L published on Troploin. It can be located by pressing here. A PDF version for printing purposes can be found by pressing here.

Εφημερίδα Εστιάδες, Φύλλα 28-36, Έτος Β (1915)

 Η εφημερίδα “Εστιάδες” βγήκε σε 36 φύλλα με δεκαπενθήμερο ρυθμό έκδοσης, από τις 28 Νοεμβρίου 1913, ως την 1η Μαΐου 1915. Τα φύλλα 28-36 (Έτος Β, 1915) της εφημερίδας 'Εστιάδες' μπορούν να εντοπιστούν πατώντας εδώ.

Φύλλο του Νέου Κυπριακού Φύλαξ για τα Γεγονότα στο Λευκόνοικο (29/03/45)

Φύλλο του Νέου Κυπριακού Φύλαξ για τα Γεγονότα στο Λευκόνοικο που κυκλοφόρησε στις 29/03/45. Μπορεί να εντοπιστεί σε μορφή PDF πατώντας εδώ.

The First Career of the Communist Party of Cyprus - Daphnos Economou (2019)

Conference paper presented by Daphnos Economou at the 1st Historical Materialism Athens Conference at Panteion University, in May 2019.   The First Career of the Communist Party of Cyprus Daphnos Economou Historical Materialism Conference (Athens, May 2019)   Introduction Few materials on the history of the Communist Party of Cyprus were accessible till the mid-1990s. The Hoover Institution had published a Cold War diatribe in 1971 as part of its “Comparative Communist Party Politics” series. Its author, T.W. Adams, had earlier penned a monograph titled “U.S. Army Area Handbook for Cyprus”, issued by the Government Printing Office in Washington. The other available source was a celebratory volume published by AKEL – the successor of the KKK – for the 50th anniversary of its founding, in 1976. Here anecdotal story telling substituted for historical and political fact. Through it, the “pioneering communists” were first praised for their selflessness, then excused for “inexp

Cyprus: A Rampart - Committee for Cyprus Autonomy (1942)

Short anti-colonial book by E. J., published by the Committee for Cyprus Autonomy in 1942. It can be found by pressing here (17.6mb).